Our Pastors

Rev. Brian Vos

_IMG2976 (2)The Lord has been gracious to me in calling me into the gospel ministry. It has been my privilege to serve Trinity URC since graduating from Westminster Seminary, California in 1997. It has been a joy to grow with the congregation in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, through the Word, fellowship, sacraments and prayer.

The Lord has also been so gracious to me in giving me my family, “a little church”: my lovely wife, Deb (to whom I’ve been married since 1994), one child in heaven, and five children to raise here on earth. It is our joy to grow together in reading God’s Word, praying, singing, and living life together day to day in the grace of God.

The Lord has also been gracious in giving me many gifts to enjoy in life. I enjoy downhill skiing, running, kayaking, traveling, reading, and playing the saxophone. Every day and every gift bear witness to the goodness and grace of God!

You are welcome to come and visit us, worship with us, and rejoice with us in the grace and mercy of God!

~Brian Vos, Pastor


Rev. Austin Reed

IMGP8746In August 2017 my wife Michelle and I moved out to Michigan from San Diego, California to accept a pastoral internship position at Trinity URC. At that time we were newlyweds (married on July 1st, 2017) and both of us had just graduated from Westminster Seminary in California. We were blessed to serve the saints of Trinity for a year before the Lord called me to serve full time at Trinity as the Associate Pastor. I am grateful to God for granting me the awesome privilege of preaching His gospel and being a servant of His Word.

When I’m not at the church, you can find me and my wife at local coffee shops, bookstores, hiking nature trails and enjoying the beauty of God’s creation. We love nothing more than building new relationships and making known the compassion and mercy of our God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

I hope that you will come and visit us at Trinity this Sunday that we might encourage you in the grace of the gospel of Christ our Lord!

~Austin Reed, Associate Pastor